How to Store Leftover Pizza At Home

Ordering pizza from Italian restaurants is one of the best ways to enjoy this Italian food. By doing so, we do not have to worry about devouring all the pizza at the moment. We can simply store the pizza if we cannot eat the whole pizza at once.

However, storing and reheating pizza back in the wrong way can make a pizza become soggy or dry stiff. There is no magical way to make it taste like freshly baked pizza again, but if you use the technique to store and heat up the right you can produce pizza was delicious and satisfying.

If you put the pizza boxes directly in the refrigerator, it will make pizza become soggy and less tasty to eat. Fluid from tomato sauce, vegetables, and meat will soak into the bread. Thinner bread, the softer it becomes. Remove the pizza from the box and spend a few minutes setting up a pizza to be stored. After that, cover a plate or an airtight container with thick tissue. Then, place the pizza on paper towels and place thick wipes are also on top of the pizza. At last, cover the dish with plastic wrap, and when using a container, cover with a lid.

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