Minimalist Workspace Design Ideas At Home

Changing the design of your workspace at home can be an effective way to improve your work mood. Especially if the space design that is applied matches your style and preferences. For example, if you like something simple, change the design of your workspace with a minimalist touch to make the room look wider and easier to clean. Don’t forget to equip your workspace with furniture from Creating a minimalist room design is also not difficult, here are three things that you can immediately apply.

Plain Interior Base
One of the hallmarks of a minimalist space design is the minimal use of excessive patterns. Even if there are, the patterns used are usually graphic-based such as lines and dots, or based on shapes such as circles, squares, and ovals.

To make your workspace more dynamic, you can mix several colors into one roar. For example, if you want to take a nature theme, you can combine a white base with wood brown and cobalt green. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants such as cacti, succulents, or monsters to add a natural accent.

Take Advantage of Windows and Views
If your workspace has large windows with beautiful views, don’t waste it. Change the position of your workbench facing this window. Beautiful and fresh scenery can make your work atmosphere not monotonous and boring. In addition, you will also not feel too confined in the room all day long.

You can work around this room design with large windows by choosing curtains with plain motifs but bright colors. The combination of bright curtain colors and sunlight will bring a warm ambiance to your workspace.
Make sure you leave a distance between the window and your work desk so that work equipment such as laptops, lamps, or printers on the table are not exposed to direct sunlight, especially when you work with the windows open.

Built-in Workspace
One more space design that is suitable for a narrow room is the built-in concept. The design concept of the built-in space is to install furniture together with the wall or blend it with other furniture in the room. However, if you want to apply this workspace design, you will have to remodel most of the workspace so that the installation of built-in work furniture can be easier.

Built-in workspaces take advantage of foldable furniture or furniture that can be folded to leave more space. For example, you can fold your desk and work chair against the wall when you’re done working, so the room will look more vacant. There is also a cupboard that has space to store the printer machine, where the printer can be pulled out when it will be used and pushed back in for storage.

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