How To Make A Good Drama Script For Beginners

The script is one of the important components in the world of cinema, you could say the script is the lifeblood of a drama. Being a scriptwriter for dramas or scripts for older actors is not an easy job, because here we are not only required to finish a piece of writing but we are demanded how the writing can bring us into the atmosphere, even if we only read it.

A scriptwriter must have high imagination and creativity. The process of making a film scenario is difficult and difficult and requires a lot of time. To produce a mature screenplay, a writer can spend 3-5 months. The following are ways on how to produce a good drama script.

• Find the Common Thread of a Book
If you want to make a book into a film you have to pay close attention and find the focus of the book and put it into writing in the form of a script. Because if you don’t filter it and include all the material, then in the film there will be a lot of stories and that makes the story unfocused and will get out of the real plot.

• Define Story/Theme Idea
If you’re making a film not based on a book, you’ll have to come up with the story idea yourself. Make story ideas as interesting as possible that can make your film interesting to watch, for example, a couple who love and care for each other but are hindered by religion.

• Formulating Manuscripts
In this context, you must create a series of story ideas, arranged in such a way that the story you make is not random.

• Make a Plot / Storyline
The next step is to create a plot or storyline. Make an interesting storyline from the beginning of the story, the middle of the story, and the end of the story. If you have found a drama storyline, you will indirectly find a problem that will be the main topic in the film. Here you can arrange the beginning of the problem, the peak of the problem, and the ending or resolution of the problem.

• Define Settings and Characterizations
Determining the settings is also very necessary in the film, where the film will be taken must also be considered to facilitate the process of taking pictures and what equipment is needed. And determine the character of each – each character. This process must be explained in detail the character of each character that will be included in your story.