Bacteria Can Stick to Hair Even at home, This is The Solution

Germs and bacteria can still stick to body parts, such as hands, if not washed often. Especially if you have a habit of touching your hair, the bacteria on your hands can transfer to your hair. Therefore, keeping your hair clean is also important, especially during a pandemic. Of course, you and your family members don’t want to get health problems due to dirty hair, right? Why is it important to maintain healthy hair and how to clean it properly? You can come to Balayage Hairstyles to get treatment for your hair and we will do it professionally so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your hair later.

Do you know? Bacteria can also stick to the hair. Some of the bacteria that can be found in hair are gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus Epidermidis and gram-negative bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Even though we are mostly at home, these bacteria can be everywhere and stick to the hair. If you frequently touch your hair with dirty hands, bacteria can easily transfer to your hair. The habit of touching the hair too often, especially with dirty hands can make bacteria accumulate in the hair. In addition to dirty hands, lying on a sofa or pillow that is not clean can also make bacteria stick to the hair. So you need to be vigilant! Even if you don’t go outside, your hair can still get dirt from inside the house. For this reason, hair hygiene is very important, just like hand hygiene.

The number of bacteria that can stick to the hair and scalp can potentially cause various health problems, both while traveling and after traveling. Even after traveling, dirty hair that is left alone can cause health problems too, for example, scalp infections. Scalp infections can cause itching in the head that can interfere with rest at home. In addition, dirty hair can cause dry hair and hair loss in the long term. Not only that, when you lie down in bed or other resting areas without washing your hair first, you can put germs and bacteria at risk of sticking in these places.